I never expect gifts. However, I am often asked what kinds of gifts I like to receive, and I appreciate that kindness. Here are a few examples of things I enjoy:

  • I maintain an Amazon wishlist.

  • My favorite gift cards are Delta Airlines and for travel; Solstice Intimates, Mimi Holliday, Agent Provocateur, and Honey Birdette for lingerie; Babeland and Extreme Restraints for adult toys; and Amazon for general shopping. Gift cards can be sent to

  • If you’d like to gift me clothing or lingerie, I wear a size 8/medium, my bra size is 32D, and my shoe size is 9.

  • I’m constantly itching for new tattoos. If you’d like to finance my next one, reach out at

  • Gifts of marijuana will definitely be enjoyed. My favorite strains are high in CBD or THCV. I prefer vape cartridges, pre-rolls, or flower.

  • My favorite sweets are fruits, especially if they are varieties that are somewhat harder to find.

  • I love any and all flowers and plants that are non-toxic to cats.

  • Adult toys, whether vanilla or BDSM/fetish-oriented, are always welcome gifts.