Frequently Asked Questions


For information about my availability, please see here.

Do you accept gifts or tips?

Gifts and tips are never expected, but always cherished. Here are a few examples of things I like:
- I have a wishlist on Amazon, and I also accept Amazon, Neiman Marcus, Net-A-Porter, and Barneys gift cards at
- If you’d like to gift me clothing or lingerie, I wear a size 8/medium, my bra size is 34D, and my shoe size is 9.
- My favorite sweets are fruits, especially if they are somewhat harder to find (for example: starfruit, cherimoya, lychee, etc.).
- I love any and all flowers and plants that are non-toxic to cats. If you’d like to get me flowers, please double-check that my kitty won’t get poisoned!
- Gifts of weed are one of my favorites. What can I say, I’m from Seattle! I prefer pre-filled vape cartridges of indica-dominant hybrids and high CBD strains.
- My preferred drink is tea. I’m not the biggest fan of alcohol, unless it would be an interesting drink to cook with!
- Adult toys are always welcome gifts.

Do you see people of color/women/disabled people/older men/etc.?

I like people who like me. I don’t discriminate on the basis of any identity like race, ethnicity, religion, gender, trans status, disability, body type, or age as long as you are 18 or older. My preference is for clients who are respectful, kind, and fun. My incall is mobility device accessible, but if you use a mobility device please let me know so that we can talk details and make sure my incall fits your needs!

Do you see couples?

Yes! I am bisexual, so seeing couples is one of my favorite things. Please add 100 per hour to my rates.

Do you do duos?

Absolutely! Let me know who you would like to see me with and we’ll set something up. Typically when I do duos, the rate that we ask for is my rate plus hers.

Are you BDSM/fetish friendly?

Enthusiastically so! I am a switch. Please keep in mind that while I have a variety of toys and outfits, I am not as stocked as a fetish-focused provider might be.

Are you 420/alcohol/party friendly?

Within moderation I enjoy weed and alcohol during sessions. Please do not show up already high or drunk. I prefer that all other mind-altering substances are not used before, or brought to, a session with me.

Do you provide [insert service here]?

I do not offer a specific menu and I ignore explicit messages. I would call my sessions a girlfriend experience, and I would not call them a porn star experience. Aside from that, I prefer not to get into details. See a provider because you want to have a fun time, not because you have a checklist you’re trying to complete. Promise, you’ll have a better time that way!

Are your rates negotiable?

No, and asking is a quick way to make me never want to see you.

Do you accept digital payment?

No, and I recommend that you do not use digital payment when seeing any provider. Online payment processors are not adult industry friendly and have been known to permanently ban people who use them for this purpose. Thankfully, cash exists! It is the only form of payment I accept.

Do you tour other cities?

On occasion! If I am touring, I will place an announcement on the front page of the site you’re on right now, as well as pin a tweet about it on my Twitter. Following my Twitter is the best way to stay up to date on any touring schedules I may have, and if I don’t currently have a pinned tweet about touring it means that I don’t currently have any plans to tour.

Do you get tested?

If you’re asking because you’re interested in unprotected services, forget it. I do get tested every three months, and I also require the use of protection with everyone, without exception for any reason. By the way, do you get tested? In my experience providers tend to take great care of our intimate health, but not everyone seems to share our concern for the well-being of their parts!

Do you provide references?

Happily. If you are a client I have seen before and you would like to book another provider who asks for references, you can give the provider my email address, If you are a provider and you would like to verify a reference that a client has given you, please email me at

Do you accept reviews / do you have reviews online?

I appreciate thoughtful reviews. You can review me, or find my existing reviews, at and