After Graduation


I’m in my last quarter of grad school right now and I will be graduating in June! This is a very exciting time for me. Some of my clients have asked if I am going to continue providing my services after I graduate, so I thought it would be a good idea to talk about what my plans for the summer are.

I started providing because I needed a way to pay for school. Being a provider helped me finish my bachelor’s degree, and now my entire master’s degree. In my opinion, it’s the best way to pay for school!

However, the more time I spent providing the more I realized that I just genuinely enjoy this line of work. I like meeting interesting people, I like being my own boss and being in charge of everything, and I like the kinds of things we get up to once the door has been closed. If I enjoy it this much, I don’t see any reason why I should have to stop and do something else. Sex work doesn’t get respect as a career option in its own right. It’s seen as something you do temporarily, while you’re getting ready for the next thing. That’s certainly how I viewed it for the first year or two I was doing it. Partway through my graduate studies, though, I realized that even though I enjoyed what I was studying I would probably enjoy continuing to be a provider more than I would enjoy getting a job in my degree field.

So right now, that’s my plan. Maybe I’ll change my mind someday. Maybe I’ll change my mind soon! But in this moment I don’t have any plans to stop doing sex work after I graduate. You can expect me to still be here and available as long as I continue to enjoy sex work as much as I do now.

My last final exam is scheduled for June 10, and then I’ll be done! I won’t be available for a while after I graduate, though. From June 17 through July 16, I will be unavailable for bookings. Once I’m available again, let’s get together and celebrate me finally being done with school!

Thank you to all the clients and providers who have made my time in this line of work so rewarding. You’re all amazing!

Oh, and before anybody asks, no I can’t do a session wearing the graduation gown! I’m not walking in the ceremony, fuck that! Plus there’s just no way to make THIS sexy:

audrey heart