I screen all clients before I meet with them, without exception. Sometimes when clients are new to seeing escorts, or when the escorts they’ve seen before didn’t screen, this can be a bit confusing and intimidating for them. So, I wanted to explain why I do this and why it’s beneficial for both of us!


The completely un-sexy truth: sex workers are at a high risk for violence. I am not as vulnerable to this violence as other sex workers are, but I am still vulnerable. I would like to be reasonably sure before I meet with someone that I am minimizing my risk as much as possible. I would like to feel safe and comfortable with the person I am about to spend an hour or more of my time with, alone in a room together. If I feel comfortable and safe, the un-sexy truth of violence against sex workers will be one of the last things on my mind, and I’ll be able to have a fun, relaxed, and rejuvenating time playing with whoever is in that room with me. If I do not feel comfortable or safe, then I’ll be on guard and cagey the whole time and neither of us will enjoy the time we spend together.

I understand concerns about privacy. Discretion is one of the most important things to keep in mind when you meet someone in this way, and I value it as much as my clients do! This is why I have zero incentive to do anything dastardly with the information clients share with me. I’m not twirling my mustache thinking “hehehe, this is great blackmail, I’ll tell his boss what he’s been up to!” (and to be honest, even if I did your boss probably wouldn’t care - he probably hires escorts too!). I’m definitely not planning on tracking down anybody’s wife and calling her up to ask “do you know what your husband’s been doing?” Do you think I want to get harassing phone calls from anybody’s girlfriend telling me what a harlot I am?! Hell no!

Let’s put this simply: I want to stay in this business. Using clients’ information against them is a surefire way to ruin my chances of staying in this business. So why would I do it? If you check out my reviews, you can see that my priority is always having a great time with my guest and making sure they leave feeling better than when they came in. And yes, all of those reviews were written by clients who I screened first. I doubt they would be singing my praises if I used their information in dangerous ways!

So, this is my long-winded way of saying: your information lets me know that you are safe to see, and the privacy of your information is safe with me.

I do want to add that I’m not passing judgment on providers who do not screen their clients. A lot of providers don’t screen for various reasons, and it’s not my place to tell them what they should and shouldn’t do. Sometimes among sex workers there’s this idea of a hierarchy—like “I’m a better provider than you because my rates are higher and I screen everyone.” That’s simply not true, and it’s based on a lot of bullshit assumptions about other providers. When I started escorting, I didn’t screen any of my clients. Not to toot my own horn, but I know that I was just as skilled and just as much of a joy to spend time with then as I am now. I don’t like to see anyone pass judgment on sex workers for any reason. It’s a huge turn-off for me. We all deserve respect.

If you are still uncomfortable with my screening requirements after reading this blog post, you might instead contact one of the many awesome, enthusiastic, and giving providers who do not screen their clients. If you do not want to be screened, you can have an amazing experience with a provider who doesn’t require it. For me, though, my screening requirements are set in stone, and trying to get around them is a quick way to make me never want to see you.

Wishing us all safety and happiness! Everybody deserves it.

audrey heart