Trustworthy Escort Sites


There isn’t a single escort advertising site that will stay online forever.

Because of this, it can be difficult to know which sites are worth trusting. Especially with the passing of FOSTA/SESTA this year, and with it going into effect next year, the landscape of escort ad sites has changed a lot and is sure to change a lot more. Many of the sites we previously used are gone, and doing a search online for “[insert city here] escort” leads to a lot of sites that seem potentially sketchy. And, some of them are sketchy! Some of these sites pull ads from other, actually legitimate sites, and may edit crucial details like rates or contact information. Some of these sites are elaborate scams. Some of these sites are guilty on both counts!

I can’t tell you which sites are trustworthy and which aren’t. But I can tell you which ones I personally trust and recommend.

If you scroll to the bottom of my website (AKA, the site you’re on right now!), you will see a list of every site I am currently advertising on. I choose only to advertise on sites that I trust with my information and that I feel are not harmful to either escorts or clients. If you are looking for an escort other than me, these are the sites I would recommend looking at first! And if you happen to see me on a site other than the ones currently listed on the footer of my website, either the ad is very old or it has been stolen. Or both! Either way, if I do not personally link to that ad site, I do not endorse it.

To make things very clear, the only sites I am currently using as of the publishing of this blog post are,,,,,,, and Tryst.Link. (By the way, if you click any of those links it will take you to my profile on that specific site. If there is a profile on one of those sites that claims to be me but is using a different username, it is not me.) That isn’t to say that I 100% endorse these sites, because I never know what will happen in the future. And if you’re reading this even months into the future, some of these sites may no longer be up! But as of now, these are the places you can find me. If there is ever any question, I always keep the sites listed in my footer up to date.

In this ever-changing digital world it can be hard to know what is trustworthy and what isn’t, but hopefully my two cents will help guide you and will help you feel a bit more trust as our access to these platforms is sure to change.

And hey, if all else fails, maybe we can go back to taping cards on pay phones?

audrey heart