Why Clients See Companions


A recent thread on a discussion board got me thinking about the reasons why clients hire companions. There’s always a curiosity about why companions started seeing clients, but rarely is that lens turned around to look at our clients and ask why they started seeing companions… except to heap judgment, shame, and ridicule at them. I don’t think that this reaction to our clients is deserved. I’ve been a companion for a couple years now, and rarely has anyone come through my door who wasn’t respectful, giving, and kind.

Because our culture is so anti-sexuality in many ways, I think it becomes easy to judge both companions and clients for what we do. Once we shed that cultural guilt over pleasure, though, we can examine what it is that makes this kind of connection so powerful. I can only go off what I’ve been told by the people I’ve shared time with, but often the reasons are very different from the things we’ve been led to expect. For example…

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I’ve seen clients who had an ill or disabled spouse who was no longer excited by sexuality because of the things they were going through. My clients loved their spouses, but still had a desire to be intimate with someone. Seeing a companion is a way of scratching that itch without adding tension to an otherwise great relationship.

I’ve seen female clients who were curious about what it is like to be with a woman. Seeing an companion is a safe and painless way to explore sexuality.

I’ve seen clients who had experienced a lot of pain around sexuality. Maybe from feeling unseen in relationships, maybe from others being judgmental towards their body, maybe from a trauma that remains difficult to resolve. Seeing an companion is a way of healing that pain with someone who is compassionate and caring.

These are just a few of a wide array of reasons why clients come to see companions. Sure, there are plenty of clients who simply want easy pleasure with no strings attached. (And they’re a ton of fun too! Who doesn’t love to feel good?! I know I do!) My point is that sexuality is a big part of life. It’s something that drives all of us, something that helps us feel connected to others, something that helps us feel whole. The importance of the erotic should not be underestimated. I am grateful that I can be someone who helps others step into their erotic happiness.

Oh, and another thing… The more I think about this, the more I realize the desires that bring clients to me are often the same desires that bring me to clients. I, too, want to be intimate with people when I’m not in a relationship that includes that kind of closeness. I want to explore my sexuality. I want to be with people who love my body. Clients and companions are really not all that different, and I’m glad this way of meeting exists so that we can get together in the way that we do!

audrey heart