Games I've Loved This Summer


I get pegged as a nerdy girl fairly often, and I describe myself that way from time to time, so sometimes  I get asked what in particular I get nerdy about. It’s a good question! Nowadays I feel like you can be a nerd about basically anything because the internet helps everyone get a little obsessive. I know some people reading this are probably nerds about companions! But as for me, I’m into a lot of the more “classic” things—video games, science fiction/fantasy, and books.

I think video games are probably my favorite, though. I know games aren’t the sexiest thing to post about on my blog—shouldn’t I be posting about my hot and sensual escapades?—but a lot of you seem curious about me and I’m happy to tell! So I thought I’d say a bit about two games I’ve played recently that I love.

The first is Earthbound. Yes, this game came out in 1994, and I just played it now in 2017. I realize I am extraordinarily late to the uptake. It’s one of those games that I’ve always heard described as one of the best ever, an ultimate classic. So… I had to play it eventually, right?

While the plot is definitely interesting, it wasn’t what grabbed me about the experience. What I loved and found really interesting was seeing pieces of other games in Earthbound. Now I notice all these different things that have been touched by Earthbound’s influence! It was sort of the same experience of reading a really old book, or seeing a classic movie, and thinking, “that’s where everyone else got it from!” Plus, the game is tons of fun on its own, even all these years later.

The other game is Persona 5! I tried very hard not to turn my entire Twitter into a mess of me raving about this game, and I probably failed. Hey, it’s my favorite series—what else am I going to do? Games that are dedicated to character development and story usually score high in my book, and in my opinion the Persona series does this better than anyone else. It’s also extremely long, which is downright luxurious if this is the kind of game you’re into.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this insight into some nerdy things that have been on my mind recently. What kind of things are you nerdy about? Are there games you’ve been really into recently? Let me know, I love hearing about the things others are passionate about!

audrey heart